Newsletter 08/2020 - isppm e.V.

Newsletter 08/2020

Dear members of the ISPPM e.V.,

on these summer days we will get back to you with another, this time quite long newsletter. It informs about the work done since March 2020,projects of the association, events in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology, current literature as well as special events within the professional world and membership.

A new project is the start of the help phone “Difficult birth”. This tour de force has been successful in cooperation with Mother Hood e.V. The counselling work is carried out by our experts on a voluntary basis and is very well received. We hope that this extraordinary commitment will soon be financially rewarded and would like to thank all our employees very much.

Anyone who has taken a closer look at our website in the last few weeks was probably surprised about the many changes. The website work team, consisting of Irene Behrmann, Kola Brönner, Swen Galster and Christian Suhr (web designer), works intensively and persistently to create a professionally good site, whose information content can be found quickly and which also appears at the top of the priority list in search engines. We were not able to achieve our goal of presenting the completely revised site by the end of June. During our work we had to realize that it was more important to think about everything necessary in detail and to discuss it again and again in the board. What we now urgently need is feedback from you/yourselves, both on the individual pages and on the picture on the front page. Please write /write to us! Some concrete questions about this are formulated below under the point “Website”.

Our conferences will be different this year according to the circumstances. The planned international conference in Bucharest will take place online. We will inform about our annual meeting in Germany by mail. The preliminary plan: Live in Celle or, if not otherwise possible, online.

Our efforts to find a centrally located meeting house with shared accommodation have failed due to the size of our group and the current distance rules.

There is a change in the board of directors: Treasurer Nina Müller is no longer active. Since April, Elfi Elliot has been responsible for the tasks that this office entails. She takes care of the finances of the association including its projects. Welcome and many thanks!

This newsletter appears at irregular intervals and informs about current topics in different areas, e.g. report from the extended board, from the scientific advisory board, current information from politics and society (regional and international), special contributions from members, conferences, specialist events, literature, etc. We ask all members for cooperation, i.e. for inspiration for the design and, above all, for the latest information from the individual fields of work in pre- and perinatal psychology.

With warmest regards,

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