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...death would be overcome, Jensen thought, if it were possible, not to identify into oneself, but in the wholeness...

On december 13th, 2020, Ray passed away. We are sad that he is not here with us anymore. We miss him. At the same time, we are very grateful and full of love to have been able to meet him. His life´s work will live on – through us and through all human beings we meet.


Meeting Ray has deeply touched us and changed our life. Through him being with us and his support, we have grown into the human beings, we are meant to be. We found a way to trust ourselves and realize more and more our deepest personal  potential.

1996 – 1999 Ray taught us in Switzerland. Over the years we are able to see how his work has touched and changed not only us but also many other people. In each person he saw their beauty and competence. And through his touch and his form of interacting with people he empowered them to discover their inner beauty and competence.
A wave was set into motion: Ray named it “the silent revolution of love”. Whoever integrates Ray’s lifework, lives life with heartfelt love and touches other people in their beauty and competence. Thus, this wave spreads and reaches countless people, who in turn pass on the silent revolution.

Thank you, Ray, for your legacy. Your life left a fundamental impact. This impact is living through us.


Ray named his approach of integrating pre- and perinatal patterns “Somatic Blueprint”. Deep in each human being there is an original pattern of pure health, wholeness and deep inner knowing. Through an energetic and somatic approach, we are able to turn to this blueprint and to live our lives from there. The blueprint was there before our lives were shaped by our history. In other words:  Ray’s lifework is about turning inwards and looking beneath our   imprints, to find  and to settle into our healthy core. This healthy core, the blueprint, is part of each human being.


The individual life story is also acknowledged in Ray’s teachings – traumas and imprints from the family system, from the ancestral history, from conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood. This history needs to be seen and acknowledged. Ray taught us to be with the history, but not to identify with it. We orient to our inner health. From there we are able to acknowledge our history with love and care and we can be with it, when it shows up. We are learning that we have a choice: “to be with it, not to be it” we heard from Ray many times. We learn to act from the healthy blueprint instead of reacting from the trauma imprint.


Besides the orientation to health there is something else that touched us deeply while studying with Ray: it’s his extraordinary way to meet other people.  Ray didn’t work with people. He met them and us sensitively, mindfully, gently, affectionately, welcomingly and mostt of all authentically – just like a fine, warm caressing of the heart.


In spite of his wealth of experience and knowledge, Ray made sure to meet the people from a “place of not knowing”. Thus, each person found the possibility to discover their wisdom inside themselves. Ray taught us to trust the process from the inside out, from the knowing of the body. This supports people to settle deeply and to walk the path of the inner-knowing and the path of integration from the inside out. The facilitator in the tradition of Ray is present, mirroring, naming – energetically, somatically and also verbally.


This encounter is happening in group settings: either in the family or in a small group of adults. In the tradition of Ray, the facilitator creates a safe environment, in which coregulation can occur. The facilitator humbly steps back and holds the safe space. The integration is happening through coregulation in the family / small group. Safety, connection, being present with each other and with whatever unfolds from the inside out, are the nourishing basics.


Ray, we are deeply grateful for the time we were able to spend with you, learn from you and pass on our experiences to others. Meeting you left deep imprints in our lives. Your life´s work will live on through us and we will carry on the wave of the silent revolution of love. You left visible footprints in us and in many others. The connection with you will go on, beyond this life.

Germany / Switzerland, December 2020, Regina Buecher, Antonia Stulz-Koller, Klaus Kaeppeli

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