With pleasure and some pride we would like to introduce: ‘Birthimprints’.

‘Birthimprints’ : Institute for pre- and perinatal education and support aims to increase publicity of psycho-emotional influences from pregnancy and birth.With ‘Birthimprints’, Sylvie and Marleen want to share their knowledge and experience around the importance of the imprint in our lives, caused by our pre- and perinatal experiences.This through giving and organizing workshops, lectures and symposia for both parents and healthcare professionals.

The first course we may announce to you is an introductory course in pre- and perinatal therapy:

This introductory course is meant to show the special role of the pre- and perinatal experiences. During this course we will go deeper into the broad spectrum of pre- and perinatal influences, both theoretically and in practical exercise. Furthermore, we will look into the birth patterns that can influence children, adults and society as a whole.The course is led by Max Peschek, teacher at the IPPE of Karlton Terry.Meanwhile other symposia are planned in 2016. More information will follow soon on our website! For this you are invited to visit: www.birthimprints.com

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Sylvie Geerdens and Marleen Dols

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