APPPAH´s Birth Psychology Month Summit

March 2023

Compassionate Birth Practices for a Peaceful World

Bringing awareness to compassionate birth practices that work is the first step to making change. The world needs Birth Psychology Month!

What is Birth Psychology Month? Why does it matter?

The 2023 Birth Psychology Month Summit:  Compassionate Birth Practices for a Peaceful World features pioneers and leaders from the fields of birth, prenatal and perinatal psychology, epigenetics, neuroscience, consciousness and more to weave together a tapestry of evidence-based scientific knowledge, personal and professional experiences, and healthy practical practices to demonstrate the power of compassionate birthing experiences that set the stage for a more peaceful world. By sharing the depth and breadth of ways to encourage and support compassionate birth practices, these experts will distill wisdom and share hope for the future of humanity.

Womb Ecology becomes World Ecology.  ~Thomas Verny, MD

APPPAH’s Birth Psychology Summit | Birth Psychology Month happens in March


01. - 31.Mar 2023

Daha Fazla Bilgi

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