The ISPPM is an international Society which was granted non-profit status in 2011. We bring together various professions to explore with authentic sciences the relevance of pre-and perinatal experiences.

We aim to integrate this knowledge relating to pregnancy, birth and therapy, and to promote its incorporation by relevant professions and recognition by the public. The main work of the Society is research to deepen understanding of development in the context of physiology, nutrition, epigenetics, endocrinology, psychology, pedagogy,

cultural science, psychotherapy and application of this understanding in practical life. The aim herewith is to optimize the primary prevention of physical and psychological maldevelopments in the pre-and perinatal period as well as further development of therapeutic methodology rooted in a deeper understanding of the prenatal period.

The task of the ISPPM as an international organsisation is it to collect relevant research on an international scale, to exchange experiences, insights and evaluation methods, to coordinate them and to make them public. The ISPPM works in close cooperation with its American sister organisation The Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH), its Italian sister organisation the Associazionenazionale per l’Educazioneprenatale (ANEP), as well as other prenatal psychological associations in Societies like the US, Russia, Italy, France, England, etc. The basis of our sociological-political engagement is understanding the power of the prenatal situation over the development and future life of the child. Our aim is to transform these insights into specific actions. To do so we developed a „Charta for the rights oft the child in the pre-, peri-, and postnatal period“.

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