The Board of Directors of the International Society for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (isppm e.V.)

Prof. Dr. Amara Eckert, ISPPM e.V.2

Prof. Amara Eckert

Nese Karabekir

Nese Karabekir

Vice President
Dr. Alin Cotiga

Dr. Alin Cotiga

Vice President
Elvira Schwebel 1

Elvira Elliot

Kola Broenner

Kola Brönner

Johanna Schacht 2

Johanna Schacht

Chairwoman of the Extended Board

Extended Board 2019 - 2022

In § 9 of the ISPPM statutes the goals and tasks are described. Thereafter, the members are elected by the general meeting for 3 years at a time. They make themselves available for a specialist area of responsibility, work independently and in mutual consultation with the Executive Board.

The members of the Extended Board are currently:

Angelescu Simina
and Marincas Daniela
Behrmann Irene
Diederichs Paula
Dols Marleen
Galster Anabel
Galster Swen
Gondek Brigitte
Nese Karabekir
Janus Ludwig

Klippel-Heidekrüger Marita
König Marion
Lenhard Doris
Linder Rupert
Linderkamp Otwin
Raunig Judith
Schacht Johanna (Chairwoman)
Schlotz Sabine
Stulz-Koller Antonia
Wahl Katrin

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