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Our main concern

Since the founding of our association in 1971, attention to the psychosocial mother-child bond during pregnancy, birth and the first years of life has been the focus of our work.

Through therapeutic practice, self-awareness, research, and documentation, interdisciplinary knowledge about early life and its lifelong significance has been gathered and published.

We are guided by the following goals:

Create awareness

for the emotional, psychological and physical basic needs of the unborn child

Improve birth culture

Preventively fundamentally improve the culture of pregnancy and birth in Germany and worldwide


Disseminate important research findings in the field of prenatal psychology and promote research projects themselves.

Become part of a great community

Through your membership, you can support our goal of raising public and professional awareness of the emotional, psychological and physical basic needs of the unborn child and thereby fundamentally improve the culture of pregnancy and birth through international cooperation and networking.

Newsletter ISPPM December 2021

Dear Members, Our jubilee meeting is now 4 weeks ago and the year is rapidly coming to an end. We would like to take a look back with you at the year and the anniversary meeting in November, which kept us very busy. We would like to thank Swen Galster, Sven Hildebrandt and Ludwig Janus,

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News from the Erasmus project

The Easmus project lasted 3 years and had the following goals: To develop an innovative model for childbirth preparation based on knowledge from midwifery and pre- and perinatal psychology. Carry out a systematic assessment of the effectiveness of the activities carried out. Disseminate the results obtained, share best practices with international partners and strengthen cooperation

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Obituary Peter Fedor-Freybergh, 12.11.1936 – 6.10.2021

It is with sadness and pain that we must bid farewell to Peter-Fedor-Freybergh, the great pioneer of prenatal psychology and the great scientist and scientific publicist, who was able to be so integratively effective thanks to his broad scientific spectrum, which ranged from immunology to obstetrics, psychiatry, psychosomatics, psychotherapy and even literary works.  Because of

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Obituary for Ray

…death would be overcome, Jensen thought, if it were possible, not to identify into oneself, but in the wholeness… Aus: Die Sehnsucht der Atome von Linus Reichlin On december 13th, 2020, Ray passed away. We are sad that he is not here with us anymore. We miss him. At the same time, we are very

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Newsletter 08/2020

Dear members of the ISPPM e.V., on these summer days we will get back to you with another, this time quite long newsletter. It informs about the work done since March 2020,projects of the association, events in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology, current literature as well as special events within the professional world

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Newsletter 10/2020

Dear members, We are very happy to present to you our revised and renewed website soon (at first only in German, the other languages will be added in a next step).It will then again be possible to update and change the entries in the therapist list.After more than 9 months of intensive occupation and work

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