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Our main concern

Since the founding of our association in 1971, attention to the psychosocial mother-child bond during pregnancy, birth and the first years of life has been the focus of our work.

Through therapeutic practice, self-awareness, research, and documentation, interdisciplinary knowledge about early life and its lifelong significance has been gathered and published.

We are guided by the following goals:

Create awareness

for the emotional, psychological and physical basic needs of the unborn child

Improve birth culture

Preventively fundamentally improve the culture of pregnancy and birth in Germany and worldwide


Disseminate important research findings in the field of prenatal psychology and promote research projects themselves.

Become part of a great community

Through your membership, you can support our goal of raising public and professional awareness of the emotional, psychological and physical basic needs of the unborn child and thereby fundamentally improve the culture of pregnancy and birth through international cooperation and networking.


February 12/13, 2016 The 13th National Congress of the HSPPM

Hungarian Society of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine Life inside the womb – growth potentials in the pre- and perinatal period Perinatal programming, vegetative …

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François Dor (2015): Why? The Mythological Life

“The originality of your central idea, the realisation that mythology recapitulates the foetal memory of embryogenesis should give you the reputation among specialists in these …

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Dorota Kornas-Biela (2014): The Paradigm of Unity in Prenatal Education and Pedagogy

In: Journal for Perspectives of Economic Political and Social Integration. Band 19, Heft 1-2, Seiten 193–206, ISSN (Online) 1733-3911, DOI: 10.2478/v10241-012-0017-3, July 2014 Download hier:

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