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CEPP Task force Presentation at UN

The new Childhood and Early Parenting Principles, CEPP, were presented at the 55th Session of the Commission of Social Development at the United Nations in New York City on February 8. along with CEPP Founding Partners, OMAEP (France), ISPPM (Germany), Make Mothers Matter (France), 1001 Critical Days (Great Britain), and APPPAH (USA) to address the intergenerational dimension of poverty.

About CEPP

CEPP principles were recognized and supported for development by the now former and eigth Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon. Supporting CEPPs will contribute directly to further the fulfillment of a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and achieving the following targets.

The seven principles of CEPP are:

Principle 1. Provide leadership for Early Parenting and Early Childhood Development at all levels of Government.

Principle 2. Promote partnerships between government, non-government and civil society organisations.

Principle 3. Publish a National Childhood and Early Parenting Policy, ensuring universal access and respecting cultural diversity and the voices of women and men.

Principle 4. Establish infrastructure and capacity for education and the delivery of care.

Principle 5. Promote best practices in education and the delivery of care, for mothers and professionals.

Principle 6. Adopt a multi-sector approach ensuring a continuum-of-care in the delivery of physical, emotional and mental health services and early childhood care.

Principle 7. Measure and publicly report on targets and achievements in relation to Early Parenting and Early Childhood Development.

Read more here: cepprinciples.org

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