Newsletter 10/2020

Dear members,

We are very happy to present to you our revised and renewed website soon (at first only in German, the other languages will be added in a next step).
It will then again be possible to update and change the entries in the therapist list.
After more than 9 months of intensive occupation and work the site has got a new structure, which you can already see on the previous one.
During the last weeks the first page has received a “new dress” and we are happy about the fresh look.
We would like to thank especially Irene Behrmann, who developed this new structure and revised the texts with great effort. Our thanks also go to Swen Galster, who with his knowledge and experience reprogrammed the website in the backend, that all processes work easily and well and he developed the draft for the new design.
Furthermore we thank Christian Suhr, our webdesigner, who accompanied us in this renewal process because of our non-profit status for a super special price and supported us at all times. With his professional knowledge and his dedicated and friendly commitment he has made a great contribution to the successful event.
We are curious how you like the site.

In 2 weeks 23-25.10.20, this year’s internal ISPPM conference will take place in Aachen, starting with the general meeting on Friday evening.

Due to the official guidelines we have been searching for a long time until we found a place where 50 participants* can meet.
We will use the conference to intensively promote current topics such as the help phone and the planned European journal. In addition, we would like to use the time for the further development and orientation of ISPPM in a changing society. 
And… very important: the planning of our

Anniversary conference on 22-24.10.2021!

Unfortunately we will meet without Johanna Schacht, who has to take care of herself because of an accident. Her tasks will be taken over by us in the next weeks.
Also the two board members Alin Cotiga and Nese Karabekir will not come for corona security reasons, as they would come from regions with quarantine obligation. We will try to let them participate in the general meeting online.

We are in grief about a death among our members: Silvia Jaburek. Many of you will know and appreciate her from our work together. She was a member of the working group Psychotherapy and has also signed our communication list. The news of her death came unexpectedly and surprisingly for us.
The funeral service will take place on 20.10. at 15.00 o’clock in the Weinbergkirche Döbling. Her family asks Silvias Jaburek’s companions* to write a short email in advance if they would like to participate in the funeral service, so that the number of people (due to Corona) can be estimated in advance. The email address can be obtained from the board or the office.

The “International Online Conference for Perinatal Health” took place on 25 and 26 September. For all those who attended, these two days with 20 hours of live presentations were an incredible enrichment and a profound experience. At this point we would like to thank our colleagues from Romania in particular: Daniela Marincaș, Simina Angelescu and Alin Cotiga.

It was very impressive that women’s topics from different countries were also presented, e.g. a study on surrogacy in Eastern Europe and another on the health of babies (birth under conditions of vaginal mutilation) and their circumcised mothers in Gambia.
In order to get an idea of the commitment and effort that went into the organisation of this conference, we would like to express our thanks (from the conference’s Facebook page) to the two organisers and researchers Daniela Marincaș and Simina Angelescu:

“The first multidisciplinary International Conference on Perinatal Health, held in Romania, included 20 hours of LIVE presentations given by 40 speakers from 8 countries (from Europe, but also from Australia and Japan), with over 150 participants (!!!) who listened and stayed with us until the end.
We are grateful and would like to thank all the lecturers for their participation, for their professionalism and for the special quality of scientific work!
Thank you very much for your support in organizing the event of our main partners: International Society of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Bucharest, National Agency for Equality between Women and Men, Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir and the Institute for Social Sciences of Gender, Romanian Pediatrics Bucharest
We thank Mrs. Luminita Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for her willingness and confidence, for the special partnership created between the National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men and the Bebe-Bienvenu Association. We will definitely create beautiful projects together!

Many thanks to the team behind the curtain, without whom we could not have organised the event: Monica Tataru, Vlad Circu, Cristina Herman, Corina Paica, Carmen Ungureanu, Diana Iordachescu, Eugenia Sgu, Oana Bunescu, Laura Ungureanu, Nick Angelescu, Daniela Maftei, and last but not least, Caesar Dobre, who has ensured impeccable technical progress on the Internet. We appreciate your resistance, your efforts, your patience to listen to our wishes, patience to our confusion, panic and moments of despair.
We would like to thank Mrs. Aurora Martin for her physical, psychological and emotional support, for her expertise, for the generosity and incredible attention she has given us, and for the heart-warming presentation she has supported!
Many thanks to the whole ISPPM team, Mrs. Univ Prof President Dr. Amara Eckert, Professor Ludwig Janus, Mrs. Vice President Nese Karabekir and Mr. Vice President Alin Cotiga, Mr. Swen Galster, for their special participation and support! – The International Perinatal Health Conference represented the first international project organised by the ISPPM working group in Romania!
Many thanks! Thank you!
We would like to thank Mrs. conf univ Dr. Elena Vladislav and Mrs. conf univ Dr. Florinda Golu, for their openness and warm participation in the creation of this unique event, especially important for the foundation and expansion of the field of pre- and perinatal psychology in Romania!
Thank you very much for the support of the whole team of the Laboratory of Clinical Psychology of Child, Adolescent and Family, within the FPSE.
Many thanks to the Scientific Committee!
Many thanks to the French Maternology Association, Mrs. President Carlier, Mrs. Frederique Jean and Mr. Bertrand Schneider, for all the knowledge and support over the last years, for the support of maternity science in Romania! Thank you Beaucoup!!!
We would like to thank Publisher Three for the books offered and for the incredible 45% discount on all books offered to the conference themes!
Many thanks to all the partners of this event who helped us to spread the word to specialists and parents: the Clinical Hospital for Children, Grigore Alexandrescu, the French Association for Maternity, Maternity Centre, Parents in Tandem, Association of the Little Champions Club, The Association of Steps to You, Pronatalita, everything it is, Baby Pictures – Maternity and Newborn Photography, Swimming Art, Creativity Academy, all about mothers, Generation Foundation, Romanian Association of Psychology and Perinatal Psychiatry, International Centre for Psychogenealogy, Breastfeeding Counsellors Association of Romania, GoKid! .
And millions of thanks to the participants – for their desire for knowledge, attention, resistance, the comments, intensive chat debates and their questions!
With much love
Daniela Marincaș
Simina Angelescu”

Finally we would like to inform you about new books and events

  1. brand new book by Matthew Appleton “Transitions to Wholeness
  2. new book by William Emerson “Geburtstrauma: Die Auswirkungen der modernen Geburtshilfe auf die Psyche des Menschen” (“Birth Trauma: The Effects of Modern Obstetrics on the Human Psyche”)
  3. New book by Angelica Ensel | Maria Anna Möst / Hanna Strack “Momente der Ergriffenheit – Begleitung werdender Eltern zwischen Medizintechnik und Selbstbestimmtheit” (“Moments of emotion – accompanying expectant parents between medical technology and self-determination”)
  4. Book: Ludwig Janus / Götz Egloff / Heinrich J. Reiß / Winfried Kurth (eds.) “Die weiblich-mütterliche Dimension und die kindheitliche Dimension im individuellen Leben und im Laufe der Menschheitsgeschichte” (“The Female-Motherly Dimension and the Childhood Dimension in Individual Life and in the Course of Human History”)
  5. Seminar early bonding development of babies: 28. and 29.11.2020, 23. and 24.01.2021 in Cologne
  6. Eva Helle offers a couples seminar for women who want to have children and a seminar for women who want to have children:

Wishes you a wonderful autumn and an active time in the sense of our common work!
With warmest greetings
Your/your board team
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