What Babies Want – Film Viewing and Retrospektive Panel Discussion

– Why This Classic Film is More Important Than Ever –

To encourage everyone’s participation in this event, APPPAH is offering both the film and panel discussion for $10.00

This innovative film is about the profoundly important and sacred opportunity we have in bringing children into the world. Surprising and sometimes shocking, it challenges our beliefs about what infants are thinking and doing. It includes ground-breaking information on early development as well as appearances by the real experts: babies and their families.

Film Features: David Chamberlain, Sobonfu Some, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Mary Jackson, Jay Gordon, Barbara Findeisen, Marti Glenn, Ray Castellino and Wendy Anne McCarty

Hear how the filmmakers came to this work, how the film came about, and get an update from those involved (almost 20 years later):



20.Jul 2022


18:00 - 20:00

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